Thursday, April 8, 2010

House of Mirth

After reading through House of Mirth, I can just not get over the character of Lily. She seems to always pass up the opportunity to marry a rich man in the vain hope that an even richer man will come along. She goes from nervous to almost arrogant after meeting Gryce and deciding she wants to marry him.

The various intricacies of high society were also rather amusing to read. Stealing guests from other parties and then complaining about it later, though the large amount of gossip that seems to occur between the women seems to be a running theme in novels that involve high-class women with seemingly nothing to do but sit around and talk to one another.


  1. Gossip seems to be their work, Snog.

  2. I tend to disagree that Lily was waiting for richer man. I think she was afraid of marrying any rich man. Otherwise, why was she perpetually shooting herself in the foot with them? It seems her heart was really Seldon's... the poorest man in the story.


  3. I also cannot figure out if I like or dislike Lily. As a person she seems pretty intriguing; always maintaining morality and playing fair. But when it comes to her behaviors regarding men I get fed up. She is sabatouging herself by passing on the men that she likes and who want to marry her and going for someone else. If marrying someone who can provide for her is so important then she should do it as soon as she can. She's probably just waiting because she doesnt want to abandon her feelings for Seldon, but in that case she should admit them and do something about it!