Thursday, April 1, 2010


I actually liked the film 'Greed' that was shown in class today. I suppose I was one of the few that had seen a few silent films in the past, so the lack of actual dialogue was not very difficult. The trick I've found is to pay more attention to the hand gestures, body language and music in order to follow the story. Most silent films do not have a large amount of plot twists, they are relatively simple stories overall and it doesn't take a great deal of understanding to keep up with the plot.

I did enjoy the small bits of humor that were thrown in, the funeral procession outside of the wedding ceremony, the spanking of the little boys and the dinner table scene. I only wish we could have seen the movie in its entirety and not just a little clip here and there.

Of all the scenes we watched, I thought the ending portion was the most interesting. It seemed as though the actors were hardly even acting, being exposed in the hot death valley in real life while filming, it is not like today where actors spend the time between shoots in an air conditioned trailer and then fake sweat is applied to their bodies. It's all very real. The lack of special effects I quite enjoyed as well, far too often modern movies rely on fancy special effects that are almost as comical as some believe 'Greed' to be.


  1. I agree that it would have been better to see the movie in its entirety. The humorous parts were enjoyable, and Mr. Sein in general was a pretty funny character. You said that silent films are supposed to be relatively simple, and having seen a few, are probably a better critic than I am. But the film just seemed to exaggerate emotions of the characters to a point that it felt like it was just dumbing down the story.

  2. Those are good tips for watching silent films. If you do decide you want to see the whole movie, I'd be happy to lend you my copy of it--just let me know.